Saturday , July 2 2022

They offer guidelines for medical marijuana.



Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) submitted it's Mondayguides in the field of health checks of hemp and derivatives that establish all the mechanisms that companies and patients need to comply with Hemp sowing, cultivation and harvesting for medical purposes.

Owner Cofepris, Julio Sánchez and Tépozat a press conference, the Ministry of Health (Ssa) to date to explain the actions necessary to harmonize the rules and rules of health control of cannabis and its derivatives are discussed at a press conference.

According to these guidelines, an open opportunity to any interested party, any applicant, I insist, no one has been excluded, the patients, the person who grows up for personal use, the ones who apply, "he said.

Commissioner on the other hand announced so far 10 permits for entertainment and leisure use hemp and 615 applications They are in various stages of the process, so when authorizations are rejected, they can be accessed through amparo.

Sánchez and Tépoz emphasized that cannabis consumption should be addressed in terms of public health and that dependencies should be addressed without considering consumers. Therefore, actions to prevent dependencies, including the consumption of plants, should be strengthened.

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