Saturday , October 23 2021

"The flow of games will not be valid in the market"


Phill Spencer is the current head of Microsoft's game division and is ultimately responsible for the things that goes well for the Xbox One, so his decisions can give us an idea of ​​where our industry is going, because he thinks we think his vision is important and what his future decisions will be.

Therefore, LevelUp interviewed the official YouTube channel of the website. His most striking expression is about fluent games, his idea is open, he does not believe that the transfer of live games is based on the traditional way of presenting a game physically or digitally. "The possibility of streaming games is about giving the player options not to lead them."

His idea about it was especially when the streaming of video streams prompted us to stop buying consoles and use screens that could lead to the game. According to the Xbox boss, there will be some scenarios where stremear will be better than downloading or buying the game, but the standard format will be to buy the game directly, especially if you have enough powerful devices to run them.

His statements are astounding that Microsoft is now committed to perfecting Project xCloud to deliver all Xbox One games on mobile devices. The sector seems to be moving in this way. PlayStation has announced the launch of Google Chrome, Project Stream, the most successful platform currently available, and even Nintendo is testing the ability to store Switch from other companies.

The biggest argument in favor of the consoles will not stop making video games according to Spencer. If you have a console or PC, if you are strong enough to run the game, you should just buy and play. Therefore, these services should be directed to devices that cannot be operated due to weakness.

However, he forgets that the price of these services can be more accessible to many people, and in fact, according to the latest SuperData report, the subscription price is one of the main reasons a player subscribes to such services. In addition, many subscribers to this service already have PlayStation 4 or PC, so the power factor mentioned by Spencer is not suitable for many users. Below, you can see the interview with the Spanish subtitles.

Spencer will only give time or reason. We need to wait for the official launch of Project xCloud to know how Microsoft can do this project with a focus on devices that can run powerful games locally.

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