Friday , April 16 2021

The dismissed supervisor and the person responsible for the airport “error” will appear before lawmakers next Tuesday.

Surveillance Commission Superior Control of the Federation (ASF) has agreed to call in the special inspector to appear at 4:00 PM next Tuesday. Agustín Caso Raphael, Person temporarily dismissed for being in charge of performance audit, which led to the overestimation of the cost of not building Texcoco Airport

In a complicated meeting Surveillance CommissionUnder the chairmanship of vice president Mario Alberto Rodríguez (MC), Andrés Manuel López voted in favor of this view to continue the analysis of the 2019 Public Account, which coincides with the first year of Obrador’s administration.

In parallel, members of this legislature will meet with the Federalized Expenditure auditor on Tuesday, March 16; With the person responsible for follow-up 23.

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They will also meet with the Legal Director on Tuesday, April 6, and the Director of Financial Compliance on the 13th.


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