Tuesday , May 17 2022

Strange to see Mexicans in Cafú Libertadores



Marcos Evangelista de Moraes, better known CafuBrazilian football history is one of the most won Brazilians. During your stay Hall of FameI think they miss the Mexican teams in South America and Copa Libertadores

Mexico misses in competitions, it's retirement because big teams, big players, it was always hard to play against them. We hope that this will be corrected and we hope that Mexico will be found again. Um Brazil, 2018 Hall of Fame Investment Ceremony Hall.

Cafu agreed. River Plate and Boca Juniors Today they are the best two teams in South America, but he pointed out that the world is not the only soccer forces in this region.

Right now they're the best. They are the two great strengths of South American football, but there are also great teams. Today Libertadores are appealing to the finals because they are the best of the two, it should be accepted, "he added in Brazil.

Old player Rome and Milanwanted to avoid comparing with players like Marcelo and Dani AlvésHe also considers that the difference between the players of the present is the world championships.

Each term is different, what Rivelino gained at the time, what he had, what I have gained, and the players of the future will earn other amounts. And for the second one, if I played today, I would earn more than I needed, but I would earn less than I deserved. Ve


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