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Stagnation Reaches Automotive Cluster

GM cuts output due to low sales

Differences in the automotive industry's forecast of export markets have forced US owner General Motors to reduce the workforce in the potosino complex in the municipality of Villa de Reyes.

In its tenth year of working on potosin fields, General Motors tried to keep the workforce of 7,000 workers complete, but the international scene makes it difficult to continue without changes.

And the sales of GM vehicles in Canada and the United States markets have declined, forcing the owner to strike a balance so as not to affect the workforce in general.

However, the Canadian union said in July that the owner would temporarily evacuate about 2,200 workers in late September and December, but could not make any changes, as in the San Luis facility.

General Motors to cut labor

General Motors, the US ship owner, said in a press release that "most of the employees will continue to work under this new business plan", a change in the Villa de Reyes facility has been reduced. El Financiero's national circulation means that these 260 seats will be cut.

Bu This change in our production schedule will only affect 260 employees. At present, seven thousand employees work at GM Complejo San Luis Potosi, with more than six thousand 700 people going to continue to be part of the complex's staff.

At the San Luis plant, General Motors installs Trax, Equinox and Terrain, but also produces six-speed, FWD and AWD automatic technology, which are high demand models in the domestic market.

Owner sure that 2020 will be positive

The closure of the change at the Villa de Reyes facility was also confirmed by Mike Van Boekel, director of the Uniform automotive union division at CAMI Ingersoll, Canada, which is owned by the US ship owner.

According to the uniform, this measure will enter into force on 12 August.

"We were informed that a change in Mexico would be permanently closed, not good news for the potosina plant," said Van Boekel in an interview published on the Unifor web portal.

In the same publication, “I know that they announced different layoffs in Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, and I explained that they are all slowing down, so I think it's just part of the industry.

GM said it assured that 2020 was “strong ancak but that production was“ over “in the fourth quarter of this year.

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