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Sixth of deaths due to HIV-AIDS in Mexico


by: Uniradio Informa – November 10th, 2018, 8:16.

By: Daniel Iglesias

BAJA CALIFORNIA.- Ricardo Román, director of the SER service center, said six deaths from HIV are due to misinformation, fear and delayed diagnosis.

"The state has a sixth order of mortality, then it needs to be reversed, which means having a timely identification strategy, there are other diseases that are appropriate strategies for timely diagnosis, but we still have shortcomings about HIV," he commented.

Most of the problem is that patients are often too late when they are afraid of on-time testing and eventually diagnosed.

"There is a case we need to address in Baja California, most of the cases diagnosed before are delayed, so nearly 80% of new cases we've seen reached the AIDS stage prevent us from accessing Fast HIV tests," he said.

Román also said that the stamps associated with this disease were stopped and tests carried out regularly.

Im First of all, we must ensure that people are afraid to test and live there, that is, one of the issues we have to work on, and whether the other has current tests and which groups are there. "he added.

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