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Scientifically proven: blue mobile light accelerates aging


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US scientists believe that light waves emitted by light diodes damage brain cells and those in the retina. A series of experiments on fruit flies revealed that these waves accelerate aging.

Light is usually a kind of electromagnetic radiation that carries a certain volume of energy. Red light has low energy and is easily perceived by the human eye. blue light Largest energy volumeIt makes our eyes fatigue faster.

Artificial blue light emitted by contemporary electronic devices causes the most damage as it varies between wavelengths 380 and 500 nanometers.

To confirm this, scientists at Oregon State University conducted a series of experiments. fruit flies. The organism of this insect closely resembles humans.

Flies used in this study were separated three groups. The first group spent 12 hours under blue light and 12 hours in the dark. The second group always remained in the dark, and the third was exposed only to the effects of blue light.

Experimental results revealed that the first group had insects. shorter life expectancy. Also, this group suffered flies. neuronal damage in the brain and in the retina. Scientists also noticed a very interesting fact: Insects try not to be exposed to blue light.

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