Tuesday , October 4 2022

Santander expects increase in interest rates


Bank Santander He predicts that a new monetary policy can be implemented. Bank of Mexico (Banxico), something to improve 25 points Base on interest rates during November.

In his weekly report, the institution said it was because of it. Depreciation of the pezo against the dollarreference ratio Average 8%expected to close 2018and also maintained for the next year.

Similarly, correcting the country's economic forecast For 2019anticipating growth Gross Domestic Product Only 1.8% against the level (GDP) 2.3% It was previously estimated.

Regarding the exchange rate, he said: Mexican will end until the end of the year 19.80 pesos per dollarfor the purposes 2019 inside will 19,50 pesos per dollar.

The banking institution thought that the general inflation would take its place at the end of this year. 4.6%Indicator will continue at the end of next year % 4ie within the target level Banxico about one point 3 percent.

Related to basic inflation One level said 3.8% In December and 3.7% same month of the following year.

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