Friday , September 24 2021

Sammy’s health suffers a severe decline; already have kidney damage

After a week of hospitalization Covid-19, health sammy suffered a fall, reported UNIVERSAL Erick de Paz, your representative.

“The situation got worse. He has low pressure. The fungus problem has increased. You have kidney damage. The fans were at 40, now it’s up to 50 again,” he said.

Also, 63-year-old Sammy is even more vulnerable as he has diabetes and kidney problems.

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The representative posted a video on his official Instagram account in which he details the health of the comedian, who has been treated in a private hospital in Colima since July 16 for severe damage to his lungs.

Shortly after arriving at the scene, he was intubated and placed facedown to improve his oxygenation, but his health deteriorated within days.

Although he denied it was black fungus, he said his health was fragile and doctors were doing everything possible to avoid dialysis at the moment.

Due to more than half a million hospitals

4 days ago, UNIVERSAL, The comedian revealed his debt to the hospital where the actor struggled for his life, and this figure seems to have already grown.

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It was announced that more than 516,000 pesos had to be paid to the health center via Sammy’s Instagram account. The published document details that the total balance was 575,591.19 pesos, 59,369 pesos was paid out, so 516,222.19 pesos and still pending to meet the payment accumulated in those days.


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