Monday , November 30 2020

Salud mexiquense offers advice to prevent respiratory disorders

Toluca .- The Mexican Social Security Institute (ISSEMYM) proposed various actions to prevent respiratory diseases in vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly in winter.

Claudia Jiménez Vargas, a pediatrician at the mother and pediatric hospital, said it was necessary to take appropriate measures to minimize the effects of diseases such as influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, rhinoparenchitis, laryngitis and otitis during this cold season or, if appropriate, to prevent it.

She stated that there are vulnerable groups that can transfer these diseases more quickly, such as children and older adults, that sometimes the immune system is immature or that they have less defense capacity against external aggressions such as wind and cold. rain.

The pediatrician stated that some risk factors may be caused by sudden temperature changes, lack of ventilation, contamination in the home, contact with other children or infection and may lead to infection.

Similarly, she emphasized that some measures that parents should take to ensure that their children are healthy are to complete the pneumococcal vaccine from four months onwards and the National Vaccine Plan, which causes influenza for more than six months. age.

In addition, do not come in direct contact with people with any symptoms, and if a family member is a patient, they should be at least 1.50 meters away, use mouth caps, wash their hands continuously, consume foods containing some vitamin C with alcoholic gels, and consume plenty of fluid.

The expert said that the use of fireplaces and barbecues should be avoided because of the increased risk of infection in the respiratory tract.

Jiménez Vargas, because it can change clinical symptoms, can make the patient's medical condition more difficult and even worse, and may cause bacterial resistance and self-medication is harmful.


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