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Psychological well-being of the prisoner should be encouraged

  • Because of the living conditions in prisons, it is vital: Sonia Catalina Mercado.

Member of Parliament Sonia Catalina Mercado Gallegos presented an attempt to improve the State Security Act in order to establish plans and guidelines for mental health in prisons, thereby encouraging prisoners' psychological well-being.

In this context, he stated that the aforementioned social reintegration in the country makes sense in the context of the conceptual and objective, and that there are first-degree difficulties in the new models of justice introduced at national and local levels.

“The members of the PRI Parliamentary Group present this initiative aimed at identifying them within the competence of the General Directorate of Penal Execution, Security Measures, Supervision of Measure Measures and Conditional Suspension of the Process. Coordinating with the Ministry of Health to address this issue, ”he said.

The foregoing is due to the fact that the director of the State Institute of Mental Health is a legal entity, guided by the guidelines for the psychiatric care of prisoners in prisons and the need to participate in such an area.

In this way Mercado Gallegos explained that the reforms aim to pay attention to mental illness, psychiatric rehabilitation and alcoholism and to people who regularly use narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.

Ulusal According to the National Commission on Human Rights among people living in prison, the issue of health care is of particular importance because of its nature, as privacy conditions can have a detrimental effect on physical well-being and health. in the minds of the prisoners. ”

For this reason, he stated that prison administrations should not only have the responsibility to take medical care to participate in physical problems, but also to have conditions that promote the psychological well-being of the inner population.

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