Friday , August 19 2022

Premium Gasoline goes to third week without financial incentives


Mexico City /

Premium Petrol According to the rates and rates announced by the Ministry of Finance through the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF), there will be no financial incentives for the third week consecutively.

Reduced quotas in addition to these percentages special tax for production and services The fuels will be valid until Saturday, November 10th and Friday, November 16th.

Percentage of financial incentives gasoline 92 octane (Magna) will be less than 14.95 percent. By the way, the stimulus for Premium gasoline and non-fossil fuels is 0.01 percent and diesel 44.72 percent will stay.

So, he said,financial incentive Magna will stay at zero pesos for gasoline for premium gasoline and non-fossil fuels, and for diesel at 2.25 pesos for 0.68 cents.


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