Wednesday , November 25 2020

Polemic live "Rome" in the middle

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MEXICO CITY.- The Mexican film l Roma &, written, co-photographed and co-produced by Alfonso Cuarón, had long-awaited premiere at Cineteca Nacional with special guests and special guests.

After taking the stage at the Morelia International Film Festival, this semi-sonographic version of Cuarón's formation in Mexico, which follows the lives of a middle-class family and housewife, arrived at the venue.

One of the National Cineteca rooms, including some media, only a few people on this big screen & # 39; there was space to watch. Netflix platform.

During the presentation, some of the actors went through the red carpet, as well as Yalitza Aparicio and Marina de Tavira in the film, as well as Latin Lover who gave life to Professor Zovek in the film; and Juan Manuel Bernal and Joaquín Cosío.

The expectation about the existence of Alfonso Cuarón emerged as many people had expected in this cultural center, including the press member, but this did not happen and the group of guests wishing to wait outside the room entered the morning at 7:30. hour. The full moon was constantly flashing and facing the characters in the show, the Golden Lion's winning film was screened at the International Film Festival (2018).

Debates broke out at the beginning of the week as two main film companies in Mexico, Cinépolis and Cinemex were rejected.

Cinépolis, the country's largest cinema chain, said the reason why Rome was not shown by Alfonso Cuarón was because it sold it to Netflix, where it didn't design its own business model under the traditional model of the film. cinemas.

Cinépolis pointed out that the worldwide exhibition model in film cinema traditionally required a window, and called for the release of the film on the platform on 14 December. privilege of titles for about 90 days.

"Since May of this year, we have spoken with Netflix, who is most eager to exhibit the" Rome "in our cinemas by respecting the traditional exhibition window.

On social networks, Cuarón decided that these companies should not include "Roma" in their programming.

Merida & # 39;

The Siglo XXI cinemas, which are located in the Congress Center, have confirmed that they will shoot "Roman" starting from December 6th. The complex received a greeting from the users to include the film in the program. He said he will give information about the program in the next few days.

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