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Poems and applause for Del Paso


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Guadalajara. – The red carpet opened the body of Fernando del Paso from the doors of the University Art Museum to the Paraninfo Enrique Díaz de León platform; There, the pentaphagic man and the Orozco films of the other room listened to applause by those who had gathered to pay him tribute.

Seven protector of the seven, a flag of Udeg, writer, poet, essayist, painter, husband, father, grandfather, returned to the coffin to say goodbye to the friend.

Adriana recalled Raúl Padilla, the UdeG rector, in the '90s talking to her to convince her family to return to Mexico and settle in Guadalajara, a town where she introduced them to Del Paso. He will support the Ibero-American Library's ve Octavio Paz av address and its continued work.

Paulina quoted Palinuro de México as a reminder that the hero (a kind of ego of the author) asks his grandfather how much he loves, and that this would lead to the definition of a cosmic journey to explain the magnitude of his love.

As a obituary, Alejandro read the poem "There is a whole year": "When I die, it's a whole year: take it. When I die, buy a calendar, and every month it still loves me, that you take off the leaves, you take it off, you take it off." ".

To illustrate what Fernando del Paso meant for UdeG, rector Miguel Ángel Navarro recalled that in 2005 he was called retired teacher. This book contains the Central Library of Celegega University in 2007 and High School 8 in 2011; He was also awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in 2013 and opened an art, poetry and literature head in 2017 with his name.

Raúl Padilla, former head of this university and president of FIL, noted in the edition of the exhibition, which will start on 24 November, that several awards will be given to Delos, as it has already planned planned events.

One of them goes to Granada, whose last, Death, invites the writer to remember his friends.

He also said that in future editions of FIL, one of the main halls would be named and the university publisher would endeavor to republish all of its work.

Since her arrival in Guadalajara, she has confirmed that Del Paso is a non-liable supporter of FIL, and that the Juan Rulfo Prize for Literature (FIL Award for Contemporary Romance Literature) has been created.

The governor of Jalisco, Aristóteles Sandoval, who was present at the ceremony, declared that the body was burned and that the ashes of this town were to be taken to the City of Mexico City for the death of the author, where the Fine Arts will be honored at the Palace.

I'm sorry about Luis Goytisolo. The Spanish writer resigned from the Mexican writer's death and recalled his creativity and innovation. He assured Del Paso that his language was ahead of his time because of his ability to revolutionize.

"This is a great loss, of course. He was a real character, funny and very creative. I especially remember that I loved Palinuro de México. Language innovation was the thing that impressed me most.

"What I most emphasize about his contribution to literature is his creativity, his innovative things. I thought it was very interesting for those times. It was worth it," the novelist adds.

Goytisolo admits that he did not treat Del Paso very much, but he recalled having chemistry since his first meeting in the mid-70s (with information from Luis Méndez).

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