Saturday , October 23 2021

Nintendo does not ignore the creation of a Nintendo 64 mini console, but is not included in the company's current plans.


Nintendo The possibilities of continuing to create retro mini-consoles are still intact, but for now, they are not at the horizon of close planning.

Reggie Fils-Aimechairman America's Nintendospoke with Kotaku exactly, Nintendo 64 Mini, a console that has been rumored for months since the so-called model has been patented. The administrator said, in general, that retro consoles have reached a transition process between modern consoles: "When we made the first two mini-consoles, it turned out to be a limited time opportunity for us to help us as a business to launch the Nintendo Switch as a hardware system for the Wii U."

Nintendo fans are aware that they expect the classic content to be published more, but they invite them to subscribe to the retro catalog they apply in the community. Nintendo Online Switch: "And now we expect the consumer to be able to join our classic content, so it's clear that this will be even more possible with the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service." This service has a catalog of games. Nintendo Entertainment System and continue to complete with games Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

America's Nintendo chairman rejects an interview with Nintendo 65 Mini in the short term: ”I'm never going to exclude anything, but what I can tell you is definitely not in our planning horizon.“

Nintendo 64 The fourth console made by Nintendo. His main contribution to entertainment was the graphic leap towards three-dimensionality on the right-hand side. Mario or Zelda. Around 33 million copies were sold worldwide.

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