Thursday , September 29 2022

New Orleans ends with undefeated Rams



Michael Thomas Towards the end of the game held a 72-meter touchdown reception and then held with a mobile phone with another famous game style. New Orleans saintsfirst defeat of the season Los Angeles Rams beating them 45-35.

Drew Brees went for New Orleans' seventh consecutive victory (7-1) to 346 meters and the fourth, and Thomas finished with 211 yards to break a new record in the history of the franchise.

However, after the day's link between Brees and Thomas, the show played a really exciting duel between the two best offenses in the NFL.

Thomas's long-running game came to an important third game, which took about four minutes to play, as the Rams were waiting for the Saints to send a game close to the first and ten markers.

The visitors suffered their first defeat in a game they had returned from a 35-21 opening shortly before the rest. They succeeded in acquiring, but after Brees took control to take the Saints to victory against his supporters and after his seventh victory in a row.


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