Saturday , June 12 2021

Mijares and Lucero's son falls in love with social networks

José Manuel, Mijares and Lucero's son After appearing on his father's side in Instagram, he won accolades on social networks.

A few days ago, the singer shared a snapshot of his son and Miguel Bosé in their networks during the Grand Prix in Mexico.

Next to the interpreter, it was written "# B1 # mexico with Big Bose and Mijares".

José Manuel, 16, surprised the fans of his father, who said he was "handsome" and how he looked like his parents.

"Tipazos, Lucerito's super handsome son, Mijares Loaf has many blessings to his family". "Your son Manuel is beautiful, you are so beautiful, you make him perfect, I adore you". "It's good to see you with your son, just like a father. Congratulations." "Son of God, how beautiful you are like God, bless you with a big hug", some of the comments.

Mijares and Lucero rarely publish something about their children, so when they do, they create excitement among their followers.


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