Friday , April 16 2021

Mexico – Costa Rica: Chucky Lozano saves El Tri at the last minute

La Mexico football team At the last minute, I got back on the road to victory. Together Hirving’s head goal ‘Chucky’ Lozano beats Mexico Costa Rica 1-0 In a friendly match played in Austria.

Both Chucky was awarded the best player of the match. Despite playing without a natural front center, Tri found the key to knocking on the door at Napoli footballer. Especially Second period of authentic Mexican domination.

The only target in the afternoon came with a fixed tactic. 89 minutes Diego Lainez posted a corner kick from left to first post, here Luis Romo stuck his head in Chucky’s place. not sorry for the airline. Say goodbye to Mexico’s 200-minute drought without scoring.

There was little emotion in the goal in the first half, and the cry of goals did not appear until the last five minutes. Every 38 minutes Bryan Ruiz title; and then a Chucky’s auction covered by Keylor Navas before the forward position is signaled.

The first minutes of completion were accompanied by newcomers from the same guys, but now Lozano knocked on the door for the first time with his right hand, passing by the goalkeeper (57 ‘). After seven, Costa Rica captain Bryan Ruiz made his head wrong again in the small area.

A little more than twenty minutes from the end, Gerardo Martino made a few very important moves: Orbeln Pineda and Hctor Herrera they renewed the midfield and increased the intensity of attack.

At 72, the most dangerous move of the match came beyond the goal. Diego Lainez activated Chucky who fired from right to crossbar; In the second action, Carlos Salcedo took a shot towards the goalkeeper, but Keylor touched the line; and in a third game Orbeln blew the crossbar with another right hand.

At the end of the 14th, a new attack came from Lozano, now with one left foot outside the field; whistle eight Romo flew with an approach in front of the castle after receiving his first header from Herrera.

80 minutes Efran Álvarez entered the playing field in his first match with the Mexican national team.

When the match seems to end without goals Chucky came out with a title that doomed the game. In the additional time, Central Americans managed to equalize twice; Even so Bad descriptions of Allan Cruz and Kendall Waston they left the score the same.

With the result Mexico extended its streak against Costa Rica, which it had not lost in its last seven games. Now Tri must prepare for a busy summer.


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