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Medical University Announced

Medical University Announced

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and President of the Government of Mexico City Claudia Sheinbaum announced that a university dedicated to the training of doctors and nurses for the whole country will be operational by January.

In a video the president shared on his social networks, he warned that ile with neoliberal politics, many young people who want to study medicine are left without an opportunity, and now doctors, experts, the country don't need them ”.

The head of government said that the university, which will serve more than a thousand students since January 2020, will be a tıp medical university for the whole country, from city to country, gibi as it would receive students from other cities. and support them with scholarships.

Officials call for war: AMLO

At the press conference, the president warned that authoritarian efforts for the use of force and war have been increased in the face of violence, such as the killing of Culiacán and the LeBarón-Langford family.

However, the president said his government would continue with a policy of addressing the causes of violence and insecurity.

“We have faced difficult situations recently, but this cannot stop us, on the contrary, positions have been defined in the crisis. For example, violence against the LeBarón family from Culiacán has aroused and aroused authoritarian concerns about the use of force, which led to a war on drug trafficking. "

He said decision-making without a diagnosis decided to start a war, which would be legitimate in this way, but said it failed.

He said his government did not stop attacking the causes of violence because it was the most effective and humanitarian way to solve the problem.

Every citizen is a means of communication

In another issue, Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that in the age of social networks "every citizen is a means of communication" and that without the journalistic profession, they can reflect and analyze information for themselves.

“Every citizen is now a means of communication, previously there was very little media: the press, radio and television; Now everyone who has a cell phone is attending and there are millions of people and the same opportunity to communicate with others.

“Maybe they don't have a profession, but they have the right to express themselves. And if we go there, there are self-educated people with more knowledge than Harvard doctors, but in the case of reflection and analysis capacity, all citizens vatandaş.

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