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Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury's great love


Film Bohemian Rhapsody Describes the story of the British band queenand focus on life Freddie Mercury, composer and main singer.

Farrokh Bulsara She died at the age of 45, but the people close to the singer are still alive and one of the most important Mary AustinThe first couple and eternal friend.

In 1969, at the age of 24, he was introduced to women. At that time, no one could have imagined the deep love and compassion they had for each other.

While Freddie Mercury worked in his musical career, the relationship soon moved to a small apartment; Later they moved to their first home and in parallel the singer recorded an album in her first album.

During the same year, the interpreter asked her to marry her after 4 years. The singer gave Mary Austin a jade ring that she placed in her left hand.

In the following years, Freddie Mercury's career was on the rise, and as the Queen grew and more and more in public concerts, Mary Austin began to experience an increasingly intense separation with his partner.

He suspected Freddie Mercury to be unfaithful, but It took him a while to realize he was really gay.. After receiving the confession of the singer, the love affair ended.

But, Mary Austin moved nearby and often continuedbut as a friend, he even became the secretary of the group, because Freddie Mercury always looked for a way to keep her close, even though she was married and had two children in new relationships.

Mary Austin was the first person Freddie Mercury began to learn that she had contracted with HIV and was with the artist until she was killed on November 24, 1991.

Mary Austin was Freddie's first girlfriend and eternal friend; likewise, who has inherited the singer's Kensington mansionhalf of your fortune and who knows where your ashes are.

While much is not known about Mary Austin's current life, Freddie Mercury's influence on her life is not a public figure, Bohemian RhapsodyThe film about the musician and his band, who had been in theaters before.

In the movie, played by Mary Austin Lucy Boytonwas very interested in the relationship of the couple.

”Although it starts out as a romantic relationship, it is something that is much deeper and more important for your two being, it goes on once you realize that you cannot be together as a couple,“ he said. Flicks and City.


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