Monday , July 26 2021

Luis Miguel: Alejandra Ávalos assures “El Sol” reveals where Marcela Basteri is

Actress and singer in an interview with various media Alejandra Avalos Questioned about his relationship with Luis Miguel In the next few days, the second season of his biography will be broadcast on Netflix.

It was true in this interview with media representatives Avalos revealed Luis Miguel he dedicated the song to him Do I have everything but you? one of his biggest hits.

Alejandra Ávalos knows what happened to Marcela Basteri

And accordingly Avalos This topic was dedicated to him because he despised him, which is a reason he could never forgive him. Luis Miguel to the actress, but before that happened, they both had a great friendship relationship.

Their friendship was so intense that for their own friends Alejandra Avalos, Luis Miguel confessed what happened to her mother Marcela Basteri confessing where the most important woman in your life is ??Sun??.

Although it is a very controversial topic Luis Miguel Even according to her biological series, she hired private detectives to find out where her mother was, until now what happened to her mother was not revealed. ??Sun??.

Even though the press is insistent Avalos to give details about where Marcela BasteriThe actress and singer did not want to provide any further information and made sure that this would be taken to the grave.

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