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Lolita Cortés explains why her relationship with her half-brother, father of her two children, ended | VIDEO

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musical comedy singer and actress Lolita Gentle explained the real reason ended her relationship with her half-brother, with whom she gave birth to two children: Mariano and Dariana. In an interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castaneda, revealed reasons for ending this relationship.

To contextualize, parents Lolita Gentle They broke up when he was little. His father, Ricardo Cortesstarted a relationship with the actress Alma Murielpreviously married to a businessman Sergio Romo, with whom he had a son: Sergio Romo Jr..

Lolita Cortés and Sergio Romo Jr. Photo: TV Azteca

is love over

In a conversation with the Communicator, she asked him what had happened, thus culminating in his ten-year love story with his half-brother. NS 50 year old histronisasaid that a time has come he had very different ideas that he disagreed with.

We are lost. He suddenly became super extra mega square for his job: salesman. We shouldn’t tell Mariano we’re not married’, ‘We shouldn’t tell others that they’re not baptized,’ he said. (It) was against my quality of life“he spoke.

“We decided to throw in the towel”

But the last straw Sergio Romo Jr. actor and musical comedy singer sang by profession won’t be able to live, To ensure it was just a hobby. it was then they both decided it was best to finish.

“Then it was like, ‘Dolores, it’s a hobby, it doesn’t give you anything to live for.’ And I: ‘Well, it’s a hobby, it’s kept you living for a long time.’ We started having problems and decided to throw in the towel instead of being able to fix it.“I think it was the easiest thing back then,” he said.

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total regret

Despite being adamant in her decision to leave the father of her two children, cuts He said that his mother begged him not to leave him, because he would regret it all his life. Indeed, she added that her mother was right, so much so that Lolita spent ten years crying.

“No one ever called us ‘Bad’ or ‘Good’. My mom was the only one who said, ‘Please don’t break up with him. You will regret it for the rest of your life’ And yes, he was absolutely right. I regretted it for years, cried for years, like ten years. Until you say: ‘Yes, Cortés watches you cry for a man you decided the children should go to’.

Lolita Cortes’ statements begin at 10:46

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