Wednesday , September 28 2022

Let the Municipality Make a Crusade for Health


City of Juarez.- Lack of financial resources caused Nora Olivas to suffer from blurred vision. He knew he needed glasses, but because he didn’t have the money, he chose to downplay his visual health.

On Saturday morning, the woman was one of the first residents of the Parajes del Sur area to walk towards the park, where the Municipal Government has set up mobile units for medical consultations and invites the public to receive various free services.

After the pandemic that claimed the lives of eight thousand people in Juárez alone, mass actions were suspended by the authorities, so health fairs or social programs were canceled until the epidemiological traffic light turned green. one with the lowest risk of infection.

Like Nora, the residents of the neighboring neighborhoods of the sector also started to provide training so that doctors, nurses and assistants can perform Kovid-19 detection, blood pressure checks, diabetes control, cholesterol and arterial hypertension tests.

They also requested dental visits and eye exams.

Nora was one of the neighbors who got her glasses right there, while in other cases the delivery was pending for several days.

It was reported that health personnel made childhood vaccinations against measles, pneumococcus and rotavirus, among other diseases. Other services offered were: nutritional counseling, haircuts, online procedures, legal advice and psychological care.

“This program is important because there are many people in the city who have no income or social security, especially those suffering from chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, who can get the medical care they need,” said GP Rodolfo Gómez. .and high blood pressure,” he said.

The event was led by the mayor Cruz Pérez Cuéllar and his wife, Rubí Enríquez, Mayor of DIF Municipality. The mayor toured all the modules where he observed the services provided to the citizens.

It won’t be the only Health Crusade to take place in this city, as it’s scheduled to take place once a month in different parts of the city, Pérez Cuéllar promised to residents in the south of the city.

Sector residents also enjoyed boxing and zumba shows. They offered a free wrestling show in their neighborhood in the afternoon.

Municipal Police and Road Safety elements also took part in this preventive event.

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