Thursday , March 4 2021

#LadyPerro getting into Metrobús and arguing with the police

Users supported the police, who asked the woman to get out of the vehicle.  Photo: Private

Users supported the police, who asked the woman to get out of the vehicle. Photo: Private


On social networks, a woman was baptized as #LadyPerro after getting on the Metrobús with her pet and arguing with a police officer who asked her to leave the unit.

In the images, it is seen that the officer asked him to get off, but the user who argued that he could not get off because he was traveling with minors resisted.

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After a few seconds of discussion, passengers begin to intervene, while some argue that the dog is already hiding in a backpack, while others ask the user to respect public transport rules.

Rules lady, keep that in mind. This is your job. Now lady, get out. Let common sense enter you. Lady please. Pets are not allowed on public transport. The officer is not rude, he is much less disrespectful, you are the one who is rude, ”the passengers told the woman.

Seeing that the woman did not understand her reasons, users started shouting at her: “Get out! Get down! Get down! At that time, the woman asked the officer to refund the ticket money, and a young man offered to pay her.

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24 pesos. You get an offer, give me 24 pesos, and I’ll be happy to go ”.

Confronted with this, the passengers started making “coperachas” to deliver the money, but despite this the woman refused to land.

In this publication, Metrobús explained that “for the safety of pets and users, it is possible to travel with pets as long as they travel in a fully enclosed suitable carrier for pets.

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