Tuesday , October 4 2022

Kanye West prefers McDonal and the contest is responding


THE MEXICO CITY – Every chance, & # 39; It is a good opportunity to advertise, even if it is replaced by the hamburger signature. Burger King, replying to rapper Kanye West Regarding the preference of fast food, he raised thousands of comments against the action of competition and against it in social networks.

But the person who attracted attention to this tweet went to Burger King., McDonald's infinite rival, the opportunity not only to attack the clown Ronald, but also to attack the horrified rapper through his continuous support to the Trump government.

Burger King responded humorously "trolize" with a message from American rapper Kanye West. This showed his culinary preferences, released the portal Sin Embargo.

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Dı McDonald's is my favorite restaurant,-Kanye wrote in his Twitter account, his biggest rival in the world, his reply to this fast food franchise.

"I think you're closed yet."Look Burger King" assured him that he is now open to keeping his eyes out of politicians regarding his latest comments.

British King Burger King wanted to take advantage The contention that shared Kanye West's message was accompanied by a sarcastic message: "That explains a lot."

But the socialist was not the only fast food chain to answer to Kim Kardashian's husband, because Wendy's chain did the same thing and said, 39 Your own favorite restaurant. Ama

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