Tuesday , February 18 2020
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In GAM and thieves in his truck | Videos

A van driver was hit by a group of men entering his garage inside his home in mayor Gustavo A. Madero's Lindavista neighborhood. The past October 29 incidents were recorded on video surveillance cameras, showing the driver's reaction to criminals escaping from the ground.

Police in Mexico City Citizen Security Secretariat attended a complaint Attempt to steal home room on October 29Gustavo A. Madero mayor's office on the streets of the Lindavista neighborhood.

The troops were informed by the Northern Command and Control Center (C-2) operators. After arriving at the scene, he interviewed the affected person in uniform; Several people broke into his house while hiding his truck.

"When he realized the situation, the SSC accelerated its vehicle, causing a possible attacker to crash, including someone traveling, in the corridor and other cars on the street." Said.

“Immediately a virtual fence was applied, on the right-hand side, on Bonao Street where they saw a damaged blue van recognized by the complainant,” he said. Criminals have escaped.

"From these facts, a representative of the Ministry of Public Affairs who was going to continue the investigations was informed."

What happened is three videos with different angles of truth, thanks to the owner's own video surveillance cameras:

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