Friday , August 19 2022

Immigrants despite immigration records, drift in Tapachula


immigrants Salvadoran members of the third caravan, usually legally entering the country, Tapachula, Chiapas. They already have an immigrant record, but they cannot leave the state for 45 days of the refugee process, although they do not solve their problems.

José spent four days at the Mesoamerican Fair lodge in Tapachula, and took him out after they received his paperwork in the Immigration. He has nowhere to go, what to eat, and no one wants to give him a job.

José Portillo, an immigrant from El Salvador, said, dışarı Everybody evacuated us, we don't know why.

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On the contrary, Rubia Esperanza, 44 years old and originally El Salvadoralready found a job.

I am grateful to Rubia, the immigration police who helped them, and I think they will have all the necessary support, medicines, food, cleaning or waitresses.

There are not only Salvadorans in the streets of Tapachula, but also other Central Americans who entered Mexico long before the caravans and faced the same problem.

Where do we rent, where we can not find a job, I only work for 18 to 25 years, 39 years old, now they did not give me, we want the migration to give us a 20-day permit even later, "Honduran commented immigrant Iris Yamileth Portillo.

The Mesoamerican Fair, National Institute for Migration (INM), closed since Monday.

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Information from Juan Álvarez


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