Monday , August 2 2021

Identify these diseases in the immigration shelter in CDMX

CDMX Government Health Authorities caution that it is possible respiratory tract infections outbreak hostel for immigrants Jesús Martínez Palillo StadiumMayor Iztacalco in the office.

situations influenza and tuberculosis Although the capital has been established according to the staff of the Ministry of Health (Sedesa) and the Red Cross, exact figures have not been reported.

Also, also measles virusAfter analyzing the symptoms of a patient, it was decided to perform a laboratory test to exclude or confirm the case.

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Health authorities have also identified two positive people Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus TestHIV).

Local Ministry of Health, Four Middle-American dengueAlthough migrants decided to rest and maintain the caravan, they underwent clinical analysis.

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At a press conference, they were informed that they were given 771 medical consultations, 86 dental care, 108 treatments, tetanus and anti-diphtheria, 95 vaccines and 141 against the influenza and Life Oral Serum were delivered..

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