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GTA 6 detailed! The history, history, trailer and characters from this installment of the Rockstar Games | Video games

Grand Theft Auto V Recalled on September 17, 2013 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Rockstar Games He was struck by this delivery, because he was even more fascinated by what you can do in the open world and in the big city. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Receive moment consoles GTA 6

Today, GTA V It is considered one of the most popular video games and is one of the most popular games of the online version, and a variety of changes and fun for some users to reach the community and enjoy this title in the best way.

Although true Rockstar focused on getting Red Dead Atonement 2 It's not hard to imagine that we're going to hear more about this legendary epic that has lasted more than 5 years and is not at least with another full delivery.

Is there hope to see new GTA Soon? In this article, we will examine some of the historical information about the franchise with the knowledge of its creators. Grand Theft Auto.

Release date of GTA 6

Although true GTA V was launched in 2013, Rockstar Games Updating GTA Online Keep your players going into their servers by adding original content with new game modes, tasks, and ongoing technical support.

This led to the fact that the franchise was not in a hurry to start the next title, considering the fact that the company continued on the same chart with a fixed player average. PS4 and Xbox One.

Some experts say Rockstar is planning to start a new opportunity. GTA Soon, I'd explain. By Game Bolt, video game expert Michael Patcher this game could be as much as the ad said. 2021 and planned for the latest version 2022.

If approved GTA VI With the same graphics would network Dead liberation 2 The process of development will take a long time, perhaps to the next generation of consoles. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Price of GTA 6: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Two, How much will the Xbox pay for Scarlett and PC?

GTA VIAs mentioned above, the new generation of consoles is highly marketable and has a simpler version for existing consoles. As far as the price is concerned, history is so far unpredictable as to how the consumer's consumer habits will change. Rockstar.

However, according to the latest version, network Dead liberation II and if the current price trend continues in PlayStation Store, GTA 6 For shipping costs, it may cost about $ 70, which rises to 240 or 300 base points in national official stores.

GTA 6 characters: Will there be new anti heroes?

A fixed in these games Grand Theft Auto The heroes are anti-heroes, characters who have a questionable moral ethics through history, trying to achieve an error or an evolution of their personality throughout the past.

We met in the last installment Franklin, Michael and Trevorplayed in all story mode GTA V. Before this delivery, other video games only allowed you to watch someone's life.

For the next version RockstarIt is very likely that we will have different research angles in a complex plot where we will return to the formula of a common story, so that more than one person is controlled by the player.

If the same line of development is followed so far, cut the following anti-heroes. GTA 6 There would be young gang members seeking promotion and promotion in their city mafia.

GTA 6 trailer

No official fragments to date GTA 6 or if you want a teaser. Probably, Rockstar When you decide to release the trailer of your new game a few days before your ad, you'll need to wait for something to be approved to see a progress.

However, visual modes created for some members of the community GTA V They look like a game of the current generation of consoles:

What does the GTA 6 map look like?

When a map comparison is made between them Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in front of GTA Vit can be observed that the size of the places, which include missions, sights, routes and all other facilities, can be almost doubled.

For the next installment, provide a full sandbox experience to the map, travel by air, sea, road and do what most users do when testing a GTA: the map is expected to increase again to ensure total destruction.

News and rumors about GTA 6

The only clue we have about the video game right now Michael Patcheris a video game analyst GTA 6 not before 2022. The biggest hope for franchise fans is that Rockstar Games' Red Redemption 2 is currently on the market, paying utmost attention to this franchise.

A few months ago there was something strange about the GTA servers on the computer. This is a few players coming out GTA V and GTA Online A series of strange in-game messages and announcements in games. GTA VI'm in 2019.

However, this would be a possible attack on the servers by hackers RockstarNo new news until now. GTA Nearby.

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