Tuesday , March 2 2021

God of War’s father prefers Xbox Series X

God of War's father certain, he prefers Xbox Series X

David Jaffe is generally known as one of the fathers of the God of War series, although he is not the only game. The creative usually has a channel where it interacts with over 19,000 followers. This week, he released a video in which he explained his experiences with the next generation consoles.

For Jaffe the result is simple, he fell more in love with the Xbox Series X. Far from promoting console war in his video examines the emotions transmitted by both consolesand while both pleasantly surprised him, the Microsoft beast has a plus over its rival.

I have a PS5 since launch week. I bought the Xbox Series X about 10 days ago. Two incredible consoles, just awesome. But my heart that I started to find belongs to the X Series. I didn’t see it coming! DAMMIT!

Xbox Series X enamora

Throughout the video, he successfully simulates food restaurants, summarizes his experience with both consoles and highlights the value proposition of the three existing console manufacturers. In the words of creative, Sony and Nintendo would be something like a luxury restaurant where you take what you want and leave a paste; but Microsoft offers something close to a buffet where you take what you want, when you want and how much you want.

For David Jaffe, the main surprise of the American console is Quick Resume and of course the use of Xbox Game Pass.

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