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Five points where Chivas can save exploitation


GUADALAJARA – Everything for Chivas is not lost. Although Guadalajara has been virtually eliminated from the possibility of any progress for the Mexican football league, there are some points that need to be recovered at the end of 2018, a year of landing and exit for Guadalajara.

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In 2018, the Club left the title and qualification of the World Cup positively, but the league's matches and the brutal movements of the team, which many rojiblankos still could not overcome, have been another year, and this is an open wound with the results of Apertura. it was. 2018 is growing even more.

But there are ways to heal the wound. Here, we're talking about five points where Guadalajara will still save some of the losses during the year and semester.

1. Nice performance in the Club World Cup

If Chivas manages to move to the second match of the tournament in the United Arab Emirates and Chivas intimidates the meringers, leaving Real Madrid against the Real Madrid against Chivahermanos with the participation of Tapatio. manages to make a duel. In this competition, it was seen that the aim of the team was satisfying and able to rescue.

2. Beat the scores of the last two tournaments

Guadalajara added 18 and 15 points in the last two tournaments that opened 2017 and 2017, respectively. If Chivas adds two points in the remaining two games in the current tournament, he will have outnumbered the last two competitions under Matías Almeyda. While this is satisfied with a small number of fans, at least the figures will be somewhat more favorable than those previously experienced.

3. Projection of young people to the future

Although Chivas is demonstrating young players in the team and competing for a place in the first team as Alan Cervantes and Fernando Beltrán's case, there are still others in Chivas who can still be shown and shown in the final event. Club World Cup.

Offensive player César & Chino & # 39; Huerta or the central defender Gilberto & # 39; Tiba & # 39; Players like Sepúlveda are the captain of the Mexican Under-20 National Team who are competing with the World Cup in this category. Present in 2018 sports competition.

4. Hire a substantial reinforcement

It is clear that Chivas requires reinforcement for the next campaign. The Directive should be a bit of a cheer with fans who continue to bow to some casualties in mid-2018 by Chivas, and re-create something for the team that counted José Saturnino Cardozo for more and more in the next year. will try to create. More options to break a year and a half before joining the league.

5. The departure of José Luis Higuera

In order for the team to come to the forefront, a large number of fans said that José Luis Higuera should leave the organization immediately, and after the wrong decisions of this character have been taken, he must begin to work for the team's restructuring. and on the verge of failure again, the owners of Chivas.

Matías Almeyda's current establishment and output, as well as its contradictory views in the media and social networks, add fuel to fire only in relation to the relationship between Chivas and his fans.

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