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Elena Poniatowska Receives Sinaloa Literary Award | DEBATIN to

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- "I am very happy. These flowers, these speeches, these words, this warmth, this tranquility, this trip, pink, lilac, blue in the sunset I can see on the plane, all this was a great gift for me. I will kneel and say to the angel of my protector: thank you for all this generosity, thank you, because I got it from Sinaloa at the age of 86, for the third time, this literary award honors me so much, and it honors you for his great generosity. diz

Your words Elena Poniatowska After receiving Sinaloa 2018 National Literature AwardIt was crowded by the author's followers in the tenth edition of the Fort Valley Regional Museum on a glorious night.

Award Ceremony

On a night of nerves and emotions, Mexican writer and one of the most powerful voices of Spanish literature received 100,000 pesos, medals and economic incentives from Papik Ramírez, director of the Sinaloa Cultural Institute (ISIC). and Víctor Carrazco, director of the State Government and the Municipal Office for Arts and Culture (IMAC) on behalf of the Ahome Municipality.

The author of various kinds of bright literary care, especially narrative, symbolic works describing the twentieth century from an internationally integrative projection, thanked this award for a Sinaloa whom she loved, because her husband, Guillermo Haro, the astrophysicist, came here a lot. sometimes I want to put an astrophysical observatory.

Jesús Ramón Ibarra, Papik Ramírez Bernal and Víctor Carrazco gave Sinaloa 2018 National Literature Award to Mexican writer and journalist Elena Poniatowska. Photo: Carlos Paulino Fonseca / DEBATE

Papik Ramírez welcomed a dear friend because Sinaloa relationship Elena Poniatowska dates back many years: especially in 1971, the city council of Antonio Hass in Mazatlán gave the Mazatlan Literary Award to the Patient no Verte Jesús; At the end of the same year, the UAS gave the Doctor Honoris Causa degree to a young Elena who sympathized with her rebellious spirit.

Since then Poniatowski to They came to him gradually, and the teacher is still not less interested in his extensive journalistic work with a tireless energy. In 1992 he won the Mazatlán Literary Award for a novel, Tinísima, and became the only writer to have twice received it, which was the third time Sinaloa gave him a literary reward.

José Armando Infante and Elena Poniatowska in her speech. Photo: Carlos Paulino Fonseca / DEBATE

Reading minutes

Jesús Ramón Ibarra, Director of Letters and Studies at ISIC, read the minutes of the screening jury, which included Claudia Bañuelos, Ernestina Yépiz, María de Alba Levi, Alfonso Orejel and José Armando Infante. Elena Poniatowska & Sinaloa 2018 National Letter Award His long-standing career in Mexican literature and his contribution to the dissemination of culture through the rigorous writing of a work of the genre, particularly the novel of the 20th century, is a journalistic work. Art, social, political and historical events of our country.

This distinction has also been made for the knowledge of Mexico and its characters, as it has become an essential part of its work to bring the readers of Mexico and the world closer to the major leaks of the Mexican art scene of a species that has survived since its creation. Among other art and culture characters in Mexico, he portrays symbolic figures such as Tina Modotti, Leonora Carrington, Octavio Paz, Mariana Yamposki and Lupe Marín.

The author was very pleased with his visit to Los Mcohis. Photo: Carlos Paulino Fonseca / DEBATE


José Armando Infante Fierro gave a nice speech Elena PoniatowskaHe said that he would honor her side proudly of this evening "because we know of his work and through him, we are Mexican."

He said he constantly learned about him through his works, novels, books, interviews, and gave three things with his vision of journalism because he knew of his love, history, characters and knowledge of Mexico. The vision of the Mexican woman, not only the culture, but also the identity of women, the identity of this woman and the women of Mexico, Tina Modotti, whom we learned to value, have also become synonymous with the liberal thought of the emerging Mexico.

Enjoyed the public moment. Photo: Carlos Paulino Fonseca / DEBATE

He talked about writers such as Octavio Paz, Fernando Benítez and Carlos Fuentes about what they learned from them. Also among other journalists. Um I started in the Excelsior in 1953, where there were great journalists like Julio Scherer García, a warrior, and I remember going to Lázaro Cárdenas and having the privilege of sitting next to me. I was buying ice cubes and I said: Coca-Cola, do you get an American drink, almost an imperialist drink?

"Later I met Octavio Paz. The French bookstore in Paseo de la Reforma was very dependent, affectionate and very addicted. Alfonso Reyes, who had an entire pool of books, was short and married to a long woman, I told him: his wife was so long! Yes She told me, told me to reach the books at the top of the booklet. bir When Carlos Fuentes had a job sitting in a chair during a movie shoot, and crossed a dog, he was cut and cut because he remembered that a skinny dog ​​passed through the film and had been cut off! bana This dog denies Mexico. "He earned 250 pesos a day for the job.

It was a Mexican that I knew very warmly, José Gorostiza was in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the authors called Rosario Castellanos and Elena Garro, which they called “rebel particles Çok.

He was also a person of Mexican literature, recalling Pita Amor, a very brave woman of her time. "He was my aunt and he didn't love me. He told me: I'm the famous writer of Mexico and you're a simple journalist".

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