Friday , May 20 2022

Damián Zepeda abandons coordination in Senate


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Damián Zepeda decided to leave because of differences with Marko Cortés, he said that only he thought that the lar most healthy lar for the Senate bank was the separation from coordination, so that the new national leader was un free D. "When you consult the legislators to make any decision.

In a short interview with EL UNIVERSAL, a successor to Ricardo Anaya, chaired by PAN, he said the decision spoke to the leading Marcelo Torres for several days, but until the day he chose to leave coordination.

Zepeda Vidales, as a former party president, knows very well that these definitions should be taken freely and unprinted.

Recalling that it was a personal decision he had not met with Ricardo Anaya, he believes Vice President Mauricio Kuri is in place.

"This is a personal decision, not a thing about a person, it is my own decision. These months I have fought for the unity of the parliamentary group and therefore I leave it with the vision of being a strong opposition. The decision will determine the future of the bank," he said.

On 23 September, PAN ruled on this newspaper: ”Since they were elected through a legal process, they didn't have to lead this party bu and after meeting with 24 senators, it wasn't hük autonomously PAN. ".

Separately, Torres Cofiño reported yesterday that noon, Damián Zepeda, left the coordination and led to Cortés, and so could freely define it.

Cofiño Torres, in accordance with the statutes, if the senators decide on the consultation that requires the status of the PAN, Zepeda & # 39; he said he could be a parliamentary leader: "Separation gave me a maturity, big size, thanks for all the recognition and what he had gained in his Bench, it was inclusive and reached unity."

In his social networks, Marko Cortés thanked to the Senate former coordinator Damián Zepeda for his generosity at the time he left the parliamentary leadership and accepted his leadership in the Senate during the current Legislative.

"I appreciate the generosity of @ Damianzepeda, and I know in his difficult times for the country the leadership of @ SenadoresdelPAN during the first phase of Law 64. I will soon have to meet senators," wrote the leader.

In a video, Zepeda said: "A few days ago there was a selection in the National Action and a new national leader, and I believe that this decision is very important for the future party and parliamentary group. it should be made from any group without internal intervention and with much less external or specific interests. "

In accordance with the statutes of the party, the parliamentary coordinators are appointed by the PAN's national head. After meeting with the MPs, with the victory of Marko Cortés, former governor of Puebla Rafael Moreno, it was noted that Valle governor could become the new parliamentary leader in the Senate after supporting him to reach the national leadership.

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