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Cuarón is crushed between cinemas and streams

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The image of one of the emotional scenes in the film. Photo: Private

The premiere of the film in Mexico RomeAlfonso Cuarón has fueled the dispute between Netflix and Mexican distributors. This, after the director, criticized the film's small exhibition in the country.

"I want a lot more shows in Mexico, we have all the rooms we can get, unfortunately, 40. To put things in perspective, in Poland, in 57 theaters and in South Korea. 39; Rome Available for all rooms wishing to be exhibited, "said two Oscar buyers.

Graphic: The Reason of Mexico

And these commercial theaters will not be watching the world premiere on December 14 in Netflix and will be shown in independent cinemas in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey today.

For director gravityThis is the "conflict between the two market models", the traditional one and Flow.

After the message he wrote on Twitter, he started on 6 December and reported that the Julio Bracho room of UNAM University Cultural Center was added to the exhibition.

The filmmaker's most personal project, the film, is considered one of Oscar's favorites. The Mexican Academy of Arts and Cinema Sciences (AMACC) has chosen these awards and the Goya Awards to represent Mexico next year.

So far, Yalitza Aparicio has won the Golden Lion for his performance in the Venetian Festival. He was also nominated for the Best Foreign Film Award at the Independent Spirit Awards last week. and yesterday, Bydgoszcz became known with the Bronze Frog in the International Film Festival.

In the city's cinemas to be shown so far, tickets are sold. No tickets are available for any of the 12 days in the National Cineteca, which can be purchased online. The same thing happens in the Tonalá Cinema.

Because of this high demand, even Netflix was asked to reflect Cinépolis and Cinemex to their rooms.

Ece You must understand that platforms are part of the future; The platforms must understand that there is a film experience in the cinemas.

Alfonso Cuarón

movie productor

"We are very excited about the launch Rome In the cinemas across the country through partners dedicated to the exhibition.

"We would be very happy to share this incredible movie with Cinépolis and Cinemex. Rome As of November 21, they decided to display a film in their halls. Acquisition Director Matt Brodile of Netflix said last Friday, in a letter to distributors. Both companies did not respond to the call.

The above has been interpreted as a way to suppress participants. Rome in their rooms.

In the same letter, a part of the abdomen will be used to support the victims of the earthquake on 19 September 2017.

MECHANICAL PROJECT. Alfonso Cuarón knew that if he accepted the alliance with Netflix, his film could not reach commercial circuits. The small presence of Mexican tapes in movie theaters has been one of the claims in the film industry.

For example, in the past year, only 46.2 percent of the country, only 19.2 percent of this billboard was national "production". According to the Belisario Dominguez Institute, only 90 of the 407 films exhibited in 2016 were in Mexico.

  • Data: November 27th Pieza Sostenible will be shown on the BlackBerry Auditorium. The profits will be used to rebuild houses.

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