Friday , August 12 2022

Consumer confidence is not reflected in Walmart sales


Similar sales of Walmart in Mexico grew by 3% in October, while its lowest performance in 2014 increased by 0.7 percent. The lowest growth rate since April this year (2.4%) compared to the results of each month.

3% growth was below the consensus of analysts expecting an increase of 5.5 per cent. The result was a 3.3% increase in the average wavelength, which offset the decrease in the number of transactions by 0.3%.

The marked slowdown in the sale of the largest retailer in the country is contrary to the rise in consumer confidence in that month. Seasonally adjusted data showed that the Consumer Confidence Index (YBM) increased by 16.4% in October compared to the 10th of 2017.

Uz Although we believe that the ICC allows us to understand the population perception by the country's economy and households, at least we believe that sales do not turn into the same growth rate. In a report, Veronica Uribe, an analyst at Grupo Financiero Monex, can be seen in this month's sales data, "he said.

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