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Atlético Madrid etc. Athletic Bilbao – Match report – 10 November 2018


MADRID (Paola Nunez | ESPN Digital) – Diego Godin gave Atletico Madrid three points for putting 3-2 on Athletic Bilbao at the last minute, as he was unable to bounce, lame or even jump.

The awakening costs two turns and remains vulnerable, thus eliminating the courage that is Athletic. He did not know how to enter the game by force, as if he did not know how small something was in his court; without knowing how to open it, even in a desperate situation facing an opponent, ten games without winning, on the verge of descent, with few ideas in defense and at least in the attack.

The Rojiblanco set did not see the risk over time. And this parsimony would be expensive sooner or later.

The Metropolitan's lawns didn't invite the game to the color play, and Simeone's men didn't take too much risk, but Lucas, Giménez and Savic – they did half the defense. It's also Koke who has done a lot to preserve the soundness of the media and if Diego saves Diego, he just made a name. The attacker, who recently recovered from a muscular problem, was discharged at the right time to enter the search, but he was far from his best form. His presence in the court was almost unnoticed and he was not left to face the second part.

For the Atletico match, everything was only played by Antoine Griezmann or Saul, the usual rescuers and Jan Oblak's weekly exhibition.

This time, however, there was no hunger for the team to be attacked, and even the best stop of the Oblak did not allow a disaster. Athletic Bilbao also did not offer; but at least he had the sense of survival as a strong motivator. Atletico, Herrerín before approaching, the Basque side of the match began a half hour surprise. The first open occasion, after Susaeta's arrival in the group, proved the San José Oblak. Slovenia flew and took the ball with a slap. He wanted it to be bad luck, to write a letter and to die in front of Iñaki Williams.

The only team that managed to leave the door to zero in the first row of all their games to date, injured Atletico & # 39; s pride, and secondly saw the opportunity to disappear temporarily. The paw came out and the desire to return to life and magic for a moment. He attacked, but it was always hard to find a hole. Not spending any effort, but the outside of the region with a rifle from Thomas at the end of the half hour discount. Williams was able to hold his breath before he defeated the Oblak and then returned to visit after he had stood again – Diego Godín.

He captured the panic at the time. The Uruguayan should continue because Simeone had already burned the three changes. But an athletic & # 39; There is no more dangerous team.

The local people ended up without power plants because Saúl and Thomas had to come back to see Godin, who had only seen an act from an honorary front pole but not to be killed. They bombed Herrerín until he had a corner kick, so Rodrigo, with a hood, came out with Atlético as a striker and saved with a 2-2 draw. Atlético has almost run out for more time. But in the last seconds of the added time and after an intense bombing, the captain set out with a title from Diego Godin. He said he had touched it, it was almost lame and it only lasted more than half an hour as an eyewitness.

Victory had to decide on the VAR, but ultimately won the victory, which knew the Metropolitan Wanda or almost a name.

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