Tuesday , May 17 2022

Are you leaving Mexico Movistar?


The output of the Mexican-Telefónica Group could be positive for the Mexican market, because it would allow a new player to enter with innovative commercial strategies, to create greater dynamism in the sector, and to provide assurance to the telecommunications expert Servando Vargas.

And, he said, so far with the devastating services that the Spanish operator Telefónica did not find the compass in the Mexican market, hindering the opponents' position.

"The focus on the prepaid market has not been successful and the investment has not been enough, not attending the 1700-2100 MHz auction is proof of that," Mediatelecom said. Said.

After the reform in the sector, he stated that in 2013 Telefónica would reactivate its batteries to take over a larger market in Mexico; However, this important player has remained in total numbness.

Vargas said the Spanish company's global and Mexican-facing situation was basically confirmed by Telefónica due to adverse market conditions (competition) and regulation.

However, it should be noted that ğinden these environments are the same as all operators around the world, so the point that Telefonica will create the current negative situation arises from the lack of a global, regional strategy. and local ".

The independent consultant stated that the Spanish Economist intends to transfer its subsidiaries in Central America partially or completely at the end of September, as the Spanish Economist, with a worldwide decline in revenues and a complex situation in the Mexican market. Mexican.

On the day after the announcement, Telefonica de Mexico denied the announcement of the Spanish newspaper, and shortly thereafter, the current regulation said that a regulatory improvement is needed since it does not support the Spanish operator in Mexico.

For Vargas, the note of the Spanish newspaper seems to be a simple gossip based on the denial of Telefónica.

However, we should note that this is not the first time the media has leaked information and the world-wide Spanish company and the conditions in the Mexican market are meaningful with the note of El Ekonomista.

Telefónica's assets in the Mexican market include 25.5 million mobile subscribers, a concession title to offer satellite services, and a radio spectrum of 850 MHz, 1.9 GHz and 40 MHz, which it has recently acquired over 2.5 bands. GHz, as well as national presence.

He said rumors of the sale of some subsidiaries and even the total sales of Telefónica also included AT & T's attention over the course of several months. he threw.

However, the acquisition of Time Warner by AT & T indicated that it would be very difficult for the US operator to obtain any purchase after the decision to pay $ 85 billion for the acquisition of Time Warner & # 39;

Vargas, "Telefónica's share of the value of the fall of the world market by another player makes the potential acquisition, but the debt levels, two people think twice the interest," he said.

For this reason, capitalization of Spanish companies through the sale of their assets in Mexico and Central America will make the rumor meaningful and prevent the total sales and conclude an independent consultant specialized in telecommunications.

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