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Anonymous crowdfunding sexual assault attack use cryptocoles – DiarioBitcoin

Many women who have been raped by their husbands are collecting crypto money to support themselves.


A new case of crypto currencies has emerged: to help women who have been sexually assaulted or attacked to achieve financial independence and at the same time protect their privacy.

For example, a sexual assault victim used the crypto payment processor. Seeds to raise $ 500 in September after the trauma failed to work for several months.

If you were using a traditional collective financing site Kickstarter or gofund UpThe victim had to provide a bank ID and a bank account issued by the government. He said someone working on the platform might be linked to their stories.

On the other hand, the use of tokens Seeds, based on , Ethereum For the first time, he allowed his cryptography user to raise his money without showing the platform directly to the CEO, other than Rachel Cook.

The victim received a gift from Cook to publish a statement. "Ask for help" With 30 applications using free tools Seeds, as aura, An application for meditation. Users then donated the application by credit card.

Generally, this money is divided between application developers, 10 percent commission Seeds and the last recipient sending the request.

In this case, however, Cook waived all commissions after the requested request was completed. The cook said only three weeks had passed for the collection of the money, and it is expected that it will be the fastest way since it was first launched in October 2017.

"I met this woman in person, by chance, and we started to talk about the #MeToo movement."He added that he was often afraid that people exposed to sexual harassment or workplace assault were not afraid to speak or leave. lose your job

"The survivors are experiencing problems that allow them to ask for money", Cook said. "LThe next logical extension I've seen [#metoo] how we should talk about this system [criptográfico] It can meet this economic need. "

A survivor of sexual assault, Cook said his goal was to make these anonymous demands more accessible to new people in need of help with their legal and mental health care costs. He said:

We have to let people use this and make them feel uncomfortable (…) We want to fill this gap. "

Ticket for security

the history Mass funding This is just one example of how women in the cryptocurrency community help them learn to use different tools to overcome personal trauma after a sexual assault.

He worked with a lawyer who survived an abuse in a famous case in Afghanistan. Bitcoin Roya Mahboob earn money to make money for divorce.

More recently, a US model told her coindesk Who is saving money from cryptos to try to escape from an ”unhappy“ state of life that is detrimental to mental health? As he only controls private keys, there is no need to worry about external evidence, such as a bank statement that comes unexpectedly in the mail.

"Crypts gave me tools to overcome obstacles"an erotic actress said coindesk. "I want women to feel that cryptography can help strengthen them because of their accessibility."

A family survivor and another survivor from the developer the Blockcha working on a series of decentralized applications (DappsMoney management for these users.

"The main reason I misused my husband was to be materially stable" The developer (like the model, spoke on condition of anonymity) said. "Survivors like other disadvantaged people do not have the means to create wealth."

He said a large part of the intimate partner violence involves some form of material misconduct in which the perpetrator controls access to the victim's financial resources. Developer added:

The main reason why women remain abusive is that they are dependent on their partners. "

source: coindesk

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