Friday , July 30 2021

Andrea Legarreta: CELEBRATING ANNUAL PERIOD with Erick Rubn and her BEAUTIFUL daughters | PHOTOS

A few hours ago the driver Today, Andrea Legarreta and her husband Erick Rubn They celebrated another year as a marriage in the company of their beautiful daughter, Mia y Nina Rubnbecause the whole family is traveling in the United States.

Former vocalist via his stories on Instagram Timbiriche He shared several stories where he took a glance at his fabulous celebration with one of the most beloved celebrities on open television in Mexico.

Double celebration?

The Rubn Legarreta family remained fairly active in 2021 as their two daughters showed they were born with musical and acting talents, for which they were slowly gaining ground.

The eldest of her daughters this week, Mother announced that he has released a new single from the album “Races”, which he developed with his father; It looks like the song will be a remake of one of the most famous reggaeton hits, “I Reject.” You can enjoy it on different digital music platforms.


As we said at the beginning of this note, the lovely family is traveling in the United States, they went to a delightful dinner that could mean an anniversary celebration, and we observed them tasting delicious food in images shared by celebrities. what they converge on in important events.

It should not be forgotten that the Hoy presenter announced that he will lend the voices of his entire family for the dubbing of the movie “Spirit”, which will be released next June.


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