Tuesday , September 28 2021

AMLO promises Iztapalapa will be CDMX’s first town hall where “Gas Bienestar” will be sold

President Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced that he would be mayor iztapalapa, Mexico city (CDMX) where is the sale Health Gas.

“Progress is being made, preparations are being made to start, I think in two months at the latest. It will start in CDMX, in Iztapalapa, we will give the starting signal there and it will be extended to the whole country, especially Anatolia. big cities, so he will come to Veracruz ”, the president informed.

He also explained at his morning press conference in Veracruz that the facilities are already arranged to put their facilities and with it to serve the entire region. mexico valleyHowever, he did not ignore the fact that it reached other major cities.

“They are already building facilities that will serve the entire Mexican valley, but it will be in the big cities as well. “It will most likely reach Veracruz, the ideal gas to reach all families,” he said.

Given this, López Obrador recalled that a gas monopoly has been created, which is associated with 5 large companies that determine the price of products, so “even if the price of gas does not rise in international regulators, it increases here (Mexico)” . Therefore, he assured that the “Wealth Gas” would have a maximum price.

In addition, the president stated that “gas huachicol” exists, but is constantly fought over.

Worth mentioning Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of Government of Mexico City (CDMX), thought the founding of the company was “excellent news for the citizens of the capital”. Health Gas.

The Head of Government agrees Health Gas Intermediation will be eliminated and an adequate product price will be allowed to be given to the population that has been promised since the Energy Reform was passed.

“This is very good news and we will support everything necessary for the family economy (…) CDMX this distribution Health Gas”convicted Morenista.

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