Saturday , July 31 2021

Amazing: Patient tumor disappears before surgery

California.- A man He claims to be a "miracle" after recovering his so-called self gliomaWell, one day before surgery tumor he disappeared According to local media reports, what impressed the unexplained doctors.

This is Paul Wood's unusual case in Lodi, California. A few months ago he had a serious headache and said he was going to meet the experts and gave him a devastating news: his brain had a malignant tumor and he had to undergo surgery to remove it.

I had severe headaches, I couldn't get down the corridor without sticking to the walls.

However, the day before surgery, the condition had disappeared, which had an impact on the doctor because they could not find an explanation for this case.

For his part, Wood says he knows what it is. "If you do not believe in God, and you think he did not do miracles, explain it. The tumor has disappeared and the doctors cannot explain it, they accept it as a miracle.or "Paul wrote on his Facebook account, where he was doing a CT scan of the head in the hospital.

this [la tomografía que se muestra arriba] In July 2018, you can see the tumor at the right of the white circle at the lower right, now disappeared, commented on Wood.

The doctors who treated Paul were very interested in his recovery and asked them to volunteer to participate in some research.

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