Thursday , July 29 2021

Agencies offer Auto Estrena Saltillo; the novie will be in the 24th and 25th

Auto Estrena Saltillo will be held on November 24th and 25th, and will present offers and promotions of 14 brands, including different automotive agencies of this type of organization.

At a press conference from Ford Saltillo, Ricardo García, Isaac González from Nissan, Julián Reza from Peugeot, Gonzalo Martínez from BMW, and Fernando Barrera from Mazda, the Ministry of Economy, among others. Representatives of different brands such as Francisco Treviño and Tourism have provided details of this event to be held in Arena Saltillo and expects a 3,000-person participation.


It was emphasized that this was the first event of this type organized in Saltillo, where different concessions joined forces to sell their products in one place and organized the event to benefit from the inertia of the event in November even though December and January were the best sales months. Good End

"They will be able to find the wide variety and diversity of the vehicles of different brands, there will be promotions and offers, and we will be able to establish a platform that will allow us to authorize the credits."

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