Thursday , May 19 2022

& # 39; Harry Potter: Wizards Unite & # 39; premieres official trailer (video)


MEXICO CITY.- Niantic Labs, in the end, gave more information about the upcoming and expected project: & # 39; Harry Potter: Wizards unite & # 39; There is the first teaser trailer and yes, it comes hand in hand with the delay of its launch until next 2019.

Company announced the game in 2017He promised to reach iOS and Android during the current year, but apparently, the development has led to some problems that have led to the postponement of the arrival of the market indefinitely. It's still hard to get an idea of ​​how to play Harry Potter: Combining Wizards, but considering the curriculum of the study, it seems logical to expect a really similar experience with the recently updated Hypertext published Pokémon GO and Ingress.

The trailer released today gives a few tips: CGI shows us a woman to mix the real elements I'm looking for the classic gold snitch With the pictures taken by a security camera on the streets of the city, the world can be discovered with the warning of the video closure. The basic elements of the experience in Pokémon GO and Ingress can be introduced, and in this case everything shows that we will see four famous houses of the Hogwarts school.

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Although the main goal is that the franchise, the fantastic animals and the new films of where to find them may seem like a clue, it's still hard to get an idea: it doesn't seem unfortunate that we had to walk on the streets, as in video games. Based on the Nintendo sagaBring together different creatures and magical beings scattered around the world. All this, of course, with the intervention of magic and magic.

As it may be, Harry Potter: The Union of Wizards is still continuing and must enjoy throughout next year. Video game, Warner Bros. and is part of the Portkey Games portfolio that focuses on interactive experiences related to J.K Rowling's epic.

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