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Yeo Jin Goo, Sunmi, and Tiffany Reveal Their Roles In Upcoming Competition Show ‘Girls Planet 999’

Yeo Jin Goo, Sunmi, and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany were the stars of 1st Look magazine’s 10th anniversary special cover.

“Girls Planet 999” is a new Mnet survival show starring female contestants from Korea, China and Japan who dream of debuting in an idol group despite coming from different languages ​​and cultures. The growth of these girls as they move towards their dreams will unfold in the imaginary world called “Girls Planet”. Yeo Jin Goo will be hosting the show and Sunmi and Tiffany have been named “K-pop Masters”.

In an interview with 1st Look, Yeo Jin Goo said, “I often say that I love to take on new challenges, and I think I’ve got my words right, but I’ve been thinking a lot about taking on this special challenge. I’ve been thinking about how I can play a role in the project to create a girl group that will mark a new chapter in K-pop history. “I was very worried. I realized that besides meeting the fans with the 99 contestants, I could also play the role of cheering and comforting the nearby contestants as they move towards their dreams. I’m lacking in a lot of things, but I wanted to try something new.”

Tiffany replied, “‘Yes!’ I didn’t hesitate before saying that,” he said. immediately. I was waiting for such an opportunity. I wanted to share my experiences and advice as a senior with young children who are eager to fulfill their dreams. I know very well the sadness, helplessness and fear that young girls experience when they grow up. I wanted to alleviate that pain and loneliness a little bit and help them overcome difficulties with courage. I want to be warm but also firm and objective.”

Sunmi said, “When I joined as a K-pop master, I thought a lot about my past. I felt a sense of security like, ‘If I was in such a big role, I must have walked this path well. I realize I’ve been through a lot in the last 15 years but feeling like a chain back then helped me become the person I am today. I know the only way forward is to take a good look at yourself and think about what you want to do and where you want to go. I know the ‘Girls Planet’ contestants will be swept away by what’s going on right before them, but I want to teach them to look a little further into the future and start thinking about who they are. If I could pick one thing I could highlight to them, it would be character. Having a sense of gratitude, empathizing with other people, and not being arrogant or proud are important things to keep in mind if you want to stay in this business for a long time.”

“Girls Planet 999” will air every Friday at 20:20 KST from August 6th.

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