Thursday , July 29 2021

Victoria's Secret exec & # 39; insensitive & # 39; apologizes for the anti-trans review

Another day, another apology from a man.

Victoria's Secret, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) issued a message explaining his statements on behalf of Ed Razek. demand The reason why lingerie brand does not use trans models in support fashion models.

Razek was not the first secret of Victoria and make-up The cast trans models are not consistent with the "fantasy" presented in the show. Now, Razek says the company never used trans models, because they didn't just do the cuts, not because of their sex. And the Secret of Victoria "will definitely make a transgender model".

If you're digging your head in this circular logic, and thinking that this statement is in fact in any way contradictory, it thinks trans models are not part of the "fantasy" Victoria is trying to offer – good people alone!

Let's break it.

Ed Razek, a 70-year-old Caucasian male, is one of those who made exaggerated objectification-palooza, Victoria's Secret fashion show. With models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner on angel wings and Scottish tartan-dressed underwear, Victoria's Secret publishes a long, thin and close-naked show on ABC in December. A wonderful holiday!

Razek recently interviewed demand Rihanna & # 39; s Fenty about the show, brand and place in the underwear market, which is more inclusive and has different brands. In the interview, Razek was open: The Secret of Victoria is not a brand for everyone, nor should it be. He will continue to introduce and meet a very special Hadid-esque body type.

Razek, "We are selling to the market and we do not market the whole world," he said.

To this end, he considered putting plus size and transsexual models in Victoria's Secret demonstrations, but ultimately decided against it. The reason for this is that the company must be loyal to its brand, "fantasy" it sells – and "physically fit" women, as Razek stated. And this does not include fantasy plus size or transgender (transgender as Razek says):

Shouldn't there be transsexuals in the show? No. No, we shouldn't. So why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It's 42 minutes of fun. That's it.

In these days, it is rare to see such a bald-faced embrace of a non-open reality. Victoria's Secret Why is it not using trans or plus-size models? Because they are not fine cis-tits-fancy they sell. Duh!

So, naturally, I had to walk back to the reviews of Razek and the Secret of Victoria. And to do so, the company issued a very confusing description …!

My words regarding the inclusion of transsexual models in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show came out as insensitive. Sorry. To be clear, we definitely made a transsexual model for the show. The transsexual models came to the cast yap and like the others, they didn't iler But it wasn't about gender. I truly admire and respect their journey to embrace who they are.

Razek actually says that he and his team have not taken trans models because they ın don't ””that wasn't who they were looking for.

Oh, why are you asking? Because Razek, as he said, is trying to raise the "fantasy" of the brand, saying they didn't! The models did not conform to the idea of ​​a Victoria's Secret model by Razek. Ergo, they're not Secret models of Victoria. It is insincere, honest, and absurd to separate this from their sex.

Razek's statement was clear and honest. The Secret of Victoria "makes" a trans model if it did the cut. However, the non-verbal implication based on the company's brand and past actions requires that it can never do the cut, because people like Razek must decide that it is part of the fantasy. As Razek stated earlier, it does not include trans women.

Here's what: Let's not let Razek decide what's hot about the thoughts of men and the commercial goals of companies.

If Victoria's Secret, the transgender model in the iconic runway show made an "expression" – perhaps a victory – would be. Yeah, you're part of the "fantasy" of what we think is sexy. And that could mean a lot to many people.

But perhaps this attitude holds the power of Victoria's Secret, and what we have to do is continue to lower that power – with its fast falling sales as well as its power. Victoria Secret's acceptance of trans models implies that the company may and may have the power to decide what is sexy. Why do we still let them have that power?

We know what Victoria's secret means; People like Razek and dozens of identical bodies that they put on their tracks show it very clearly. That runway will no longer be the judge of the sexy one.

Who needs the approval of Victoria's Secret when we have Rihanna?

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