Friday , November 27 2020

UFC Beijing: MMA super power, says Li make The Leech China Jingliang

Li arts The Leech future Jingliang believes he has seen the martial arts.

”You watch,“ said Li. , MMA super power. “

UFC Fighting – UFC Fighting UFC Fighting UFC Night 141.

The welterweight will face Germany's David Zawada (16-4) at the capital's Cadillac Arena on Saturday night, a case of the UFC marks his debut in Beijing with a 12-bout welcome. card

Here Of course it feels comfortable here in Beijing, course Li said. “My wife and family will be here. I'm going to be in China. It”sa our

US $ 13 million on US $ 13 million on the Asia-Pacific region of the United States. be

Li believes the game.

“This news makes me very happy, news Li said. “The better than this. There is a lot to see.

Francis Ngannou has come to the heart of UFC Beijing

Right The UFC can train fighters in the right way, and they can show Chinese fighters the right way. This is my 11th fight.

And More Chinese fighters are getting better and better. If we could use this new facility, this can only continue.

Their It's an opportunity to fight. But it was a great show on Saturday night. But

A look down UFC has casted its net of the net of the fighters.

So far, the Las Vegas-based promotion has 11 Chinese on its books – out of 28 from the Asia-Pacific region.

UFC in China:

22nd year-old flyweight Suicide (11-3), the first fighter of the world. Last Samurai ka Smolka (13-5).

The Chinese contingent has so far played in 2015, played in the UFC.

The record overall for the year is seven years, including a 4-0 sweep of the UFC at the end of June.

That card featured The Leech overpowering Japan's Daichi Abe (6-3) over three rounds, the showcased 20-year-old bandamweight phenomenon Song Yadong . Terminator for tag for something a little closer to home.

And so we victll have to looks The Monkey King to facing American Vince Morales (8-2) on Saturday night.

In Singapore, Song landed a stunning right-handed elbow at the end of the year. (18-10-1, two no contests)

Ufi Hall of Famous Urijah Faber.

But the fighter sees a day coming soon.

“Song said. Need I've never been so happy “.

To Would be perfect to be in China. You can see how many people are watching.

“We will be back!“

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