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Toy iyor R büyüme Master aims to achieve flexibility and growth in Asia in its new structure.


Toy ı R esine Master Asia focused on the development and growth of operations in the region after leaving the parent company Toys operasyon R böl Us.

At a press conference, Andre Javes, President of Toys yenil R kolaylaştır Us and CEO, said the company will renew its e-commerce platforms and IT systems to facilitate a core system that will enable it to better use it for better data. business decisions. According to him, Toys odaklan R online Us Asia now focuses on e-commerce and its online platform to ensure stable growth. He said that the growth of e-commerce sales in the last few years has been increasing on an annual basis, which is more than the sales in physical stores.

Forward, Toy ı R az Usta will open new stores and renew existing stores. This follows the success of the store. Meanwhile, the existing Great World City and City Square stores are undergoing renovation, and the stores will be reopened in December 2018. Toy acak R mes Us Asia will focus on bringing the core toys such as babies and action figures. as well as learning and development toys.

Javes added that the ini R edi Us wants to adapt the brand to make sure it is Singapur flexible in nature göster in countries where it operates, such as Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand. Dir General brand features are something we protect in our company office. [Hong Kong] To ensure the consistency of how we use our brand. But marketing is a unique thing in every country. Ancak

The Future of Babies ece R in Us

However, Javes explained that the brand's “R, Us ini brand in Asia has not“ achieved the required performance level, ğ as the brand's baby products consumers are “highly complex Ancak. He is currently testing the animation proposal of Babies; R Singapur Us in Japan, opening an independent test shop five weeks ago, and finally opening a similar store in Singapore.

Dedim This will allow us to fully target the store environment, the training of the team members and the application of the brand, so Babies em R hedef Us has a single function to focus on its customers and their needs, mağaza Javes said.

The babies da R ın Us and Toys iler R yapan emphasized the different needs of shoppers in the Master. While Javes says that the stores in the second brand can be için full of lights and sounds,, mothers are not going to want to think about products and services for this new baby. Toys redd R ”refused to comment on us MarketingQuestions on the marketing budget for store revival and sales figures.

Ops in Asia

Samantha Lee, marketing director, led the marketing team in Singapore and Brunei, who explained that localization of the brand's marketing strategy is localized to resonate with customers locally in each region.

The iyor R hedef Masters aim to create special moments and create a target store in the markets that are currently operating. For example, a special moment for Singaporean consumers will be a great source of entertainment planned by Toys n R # Master next year. Line with Singapore 35th anniversary. Toy m R fazla Us hasn't commented yet MarketingInquiring about upcoming marketing practices for the Singapore market, Lee said the creative and media tasks were handled both by the organization and by institutions.

Last year, when the ıklı R in Master company applied for bankruptcy protection, the ve R, Master Asian company suffered confusion in the community of partners and customers as well as the “pollution effect Geçen. In the press, Javes said that the Master of; R “is a separate entity from” R “Us. Marketing There will be changes in the shareholder level rather than the operational level of the company.

Toys acak R kaynak Us Asia will recruit more employees and increase capabilities and resources in the country, in particular to increase the number of stores and increase the number of stores, especially for its regional headquarters in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Javes showed the size of its store and sales model as two differentiating factors that allow Toys "R" Us Asia to outperform its counterpart in the United States. The approximate size of the US store is 45,000 square feet, compared to the average store size in Singapore, which is about 10,000 square feet.

In addition, the majority of US stores are in an independent position that requires customers to travel separately. On the other hand, the stores in Singapore are located in shopping malls, for example, and are easily accessible from 15 to 20 minutes away. Javes said:

Marketing costs are much higher [when] Trying to bring people to an independent place.

In addition, the majority of sales from US stores occurred in the last two or three months of the year during the Christmas or holiday season. Therefore, annual sales are highly dependent on the company's ability to execute and present holiday profits. This increases the operating costs of the enterprise and the level of competition during the seasonal peak.

However, the sales order in Asia is completely different from that in the US because there are a lot of events in Asia such as Children's Day, Chinese New Year and China's Gold Week. .

Uz As a toy retailer, we sell toys 365 days a year. We publish new toys throughout the year and we also participate in these different activities that are equally as important as Christmas. That means that not all of our results depend on how we perform in Christmas, Bu he said.

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