Saturday , July 31 2021

Tian Chua celebrated Azmin while PKR surveys continued

Tian Chua, the deputy head of the PKR, has filed an appeal for reconciliation within the party.

PETALING JAYA: PKR deputy leader Tian Chua today congratulated Mohammad Azmin Ali, the deputy chairman for defending his post against Rafizi at party elections.

He also praised Rafizi for his efforts to challenge his position to his predecessor, and expressed his belief that he would be given a mandate to serve the former Pandan MPs.

Zaman Now is the time for consensus at all levels, laşma he said in a statement.

He acknowledged that there are still many weaknesses and shortcomings in the efforts of PKR to adopt a direct democracy system in which each individual has a say in determining the leadership and policies of the party.

He also said during the election that some considered him to be ashamed of the behavior of the times when he was ashamed and sad because of his behavior.

Var Yes, it's still here and there are some inconsistencies. Some issues have not yet been solved – minor objections, arrangements for vote counts, disputes over procedures, etc.

Iz At this stage, we should all destroy and begin to compromise. We must return to a family. Bir

Tian Chua added that party members should reconsider their attention to serving the people and that the non-legislators have to start restructuring to strengthen PKR at the ground level and repair public image.

Last night, he thanked Julau's unit in Sarawak, where the results were suspended after decision-making allegations, amid controversy over the election process, for giving him the mandate to continue as vice president.

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