Friday , May 20 2022

These iPhone wallpapers will cause your phone to make mistakes and make your folders transparent – but this is the issue


iphone invisible foldersSean Wolfe / Business Insider
  • Twitter user @heyeased I found an iOS 12.1 error that created folders and dock to make your iPhone's home screen transparent.
  • The error includes using a specific image as the background of the phone and activating "Decrease Transparency" in the phone's settings.
  • There are twelve backgrounds for notched iPhone and 11 for old iPhones like iPhone 8.

In some rare cases, phone software errors can make the experience more enjoyable.

Twitter user @heyeased, He found an iOS 12.1 error, which set up the "Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper," which creates the folders for your iPhone & is transparent. The result is a minimalist appearance for the non-traditional home screen, given several customization options when it comes to the interfaces of Apple's phones.

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Setting the wallpaper is simple:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility, then switch to "Decrease Transparency".
  • Then select the background you want to use. Click here for notched iPhones such as X, XS and XS Max. Click here for iPhone-free iPhone. Navigate to color wallpapers, tap and tap to open in full resolution.
  • For iPhone-free iPhone, @heyeased It recommends using the "Perspective" setting when applying the wallpaper. He also said to make sure that you did not move the image before confirming.
  • For iPhone X and other notched models, @heyeased said to use the "Still" setting when applying the wallpaper, and to make sure that the "Minimize Motion" in the phone's settings is turned off. You should not carry the picture before verifying it.
  • The wallpaper should now be applied and your folders and dock should be invisible.

Here are the results of the Business Insider with an iPhone 8 Plus and an iPhone XS Max:

iPhone 8:

iphone invisible foldersSean Wolfe / Business Insider

iPhone XS Max:

iphone xs maximum invisible foldersSean Wolfe / Business Insider

It should be noted that some fine lines can still be seen on the edges of the folders and just above the scaffold.

This transparent background creator has also released a different series of glitchy wallpaper, but they don't destroy your dock and folders. Instead, these "Artist Type" wallpapers will cause your phone's background, folders, and dock to all appear as different colors.

Here is an example @heyeased:

"Painter Type" wallpapers can be downloaded here for notched iPhone's and for the iPhone's.

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