Tuesday , May 17 2022

Taiwan's grandfather caught 15 Pokemon Go – World


TAIPEI (Reuters): Chen San-yuan heads around a suburb of Taipei, Taiwan.

Why, why? Added to the front of his bike, Chen, 70, 15 mobile phone used to play the augmented reality game at the same time. Pokemon Go.

Smartphone based gameplay, players' realistic characters appearing in the real positions & # 39; It requires.

His admirable phone installations have become viral on the internet and have gained a small reputation in the Tucheng neighborhood where he lives.

"I used a mobile phone and then continued to play and play," Chen told, dressed in white, a long-sleeved shirt and trousers Reuters Television a last trip.

"A month later, three mobile phones, six cell phones, nine cell phones, 12 and then 15," he said. Pokemon Go 2016 & # 39;.

Chen said his gear costs more than $ 4,800 and spends $ 300 a month in the virtual currency to use in the game.

Playing on more than one phone, the game to reach higher levels and less common creatures caught, he said.

The pensioner said he played all night, sometimes through bespoke portable battery packs that charge the phone.

Chen's players are amazed by their energy.

Shih Wun-sheng said, "You can take care of fifteen cell phones at once."

Saat Chen can stay energetic for six to seven hours without getting out until he gets home, he doesn't feel tired. It's really impressive. Bu

Pokemon GoDeveloped jointly by Nintendo Co and Niantic Inc, digital characters have been the biggest hits ever since amongst the so-called augmented reality games that have been superimposed into the real world. – Reuters

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